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Unit 2 Poems
短文填空 A rapidly changing job market creates new __c_h_a_l_l_e_n_g_e_s_ for students,teachers and parents.The so?called “generation gap”— the __d_if_f_e_r_e_n_c_e__ in values,skills,education and desires between two _g_e_n_e_r_a_t_i_o_n_s_—is growing and it is becoming more _d_i_f_fi_c_u_lt_ for parents to understand the kind of world their _c_h_i_ld_r_e_n_ are entering.Schools and teachers are also _f_a_c_in_g_ difficulties as they try to adapt to the new needs of their

students,and the students _t_h_e_m_s_e_l_v_e_s have to try to deal with all the _c_h_a_n_g_e_s_ and many questions.
A man is trying to get to the final destination directly by a ladder instead of following the long way to it.

In our society,whatever we do,we should be creative and find out a most effective way of settling problems instead of the common practices,which may waste time and effort. 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词左右的小短文?
Ⅰ词义辨析 1.The function of art is to ____B____ inner ideas,feelings and
images. A.tease B.convey C.transform D.sponsor.

2.The market economy has created more private colleges,which attract good students through more ____A____ enrollment systems. A.flexible B.contradictory C.blank D.allergic
3.Names in different societies follow different ____D____ but are largely associated with religions,traditions,and cultures. A.branches B.sections C.signatures D.patterns
4.The head office of the bank is in Beijing,but it has ___D_____ all over the country. A.compasses B.committees C.galleries D.branches
5.The Chinese people fought bravely against the Japanese invaders and ___C_____ drove them off. A.particularly B.roughly C.eventually D.cautiously

6.The manager should take ____C____ action if safety standards are not being met. A.bare B.fragile C.appropriate D.ridiculous
7.Before we parted,we ___A_____ addresses and promised to write to each other. A.exchanged B.adopted C.predicted D.arranged
8.Last summer she was invited to the women’s conference ____B____ by the UN. A.possessed B.sponsored C.conveyed D.appealed
9.To my delight,my cousin has been awarded a ____D____ to study at Harvard. A.championship B.technique C.preference D.scholarship

10.Coping with her mother’s long illness was really a heavy ____B____ to bear. A.pattern B.load C.cottage D.Sorrow
Ⅱ.短语填空 take it easy;be popular with;run out of;be made up of; in particular;try out;let out;make sense;stay up;hold
on to 1.She has been with the kids for hours and is beginning to
_r_u_n_o_u_t__o_f patience. 2.When I did this I was only trying to _h_o_ld__o_n__to_ my “rice
bowl”,you know. 3.Society _is_m__a_d_e__u_p_o_f_ people of widely different abilities. 4.I could _s_t_a_y_u_p__ all night but never get up in the morning. 5.It was a good concert—I enjoyed the last song _i_n_p_a_r_t_i_cu__la_r_.

6.I think of life as a good book.The further you get into it,the more it begins to _m_a_k__e_s_e_n_se_.
7.I can tell you the truth,but you must promise not to __le_t_o_u_t__ the secret.
8.“T_a_k_e__it_e_a_s_y__,” said the doctor to the patient.“You’ve been making progress.”
9.America has also produced jazz,which _i_s_p_o_p__u_la_r__w_i_th_ all age groups all over the world.
10.Little Tom is eager to __t_r_y_o_u_t_ his new running shoes on the track this weekend.

Ⅲ.完成句子 1.Some poems tell a story or describe something in a way
__th_a_t__w_il_l_g_i_v_e_t_h_e_r_e_a_d_e_r_a__s_tr_o_n_g__im__p_r_e_s_si_o_n__ (能向读者表达 强烈的情感). 2.The poems _m__a_y_n_o_t__m_a_k_e__se_n_s_e__a_n_d_e_v_e_n__s_ee_m__c_o_n_t_r_a_d_i_c_to_r_y_ (不一定有意义,甚至看来自相矛盾) but they are easy to learn and recite.(sense) 3.Another simple form of poem that students can easily write is the cinquain,a__p_o_e_m__m__a_d_e_u_p__o_f_f_iv_e__li_n_e_s (一种由五行组成的 诗).(make)

Ⅳ.模仿造句 1.With so many different forms of poetry to choose from,
students may eventually want to write poems of their own. [翻译]有这么多口人要养活,他每天都要加班。 _W__i_t_h_a_l_l _t_h_e_se__m_o_u_t_h_s__to__fe_e_d_,__h_e__h_a_s_t_o_w__o_r_k_e_x_t_r_a_h_o_u_r_s____
2.If we hadn’t run out of energy,we would have won the football match. [翻译]如果他听我的劝告的话,就不会犯这样的错误了。 _I_f_h_e_h__a_d_t_a_k_e_n_m__y__a_d_v_ic_e_,__h_e__w_o_u_l_d_n_o_t__h_a_v_e_m__a_d_e_s_u_c_h__a___
_m_is_ta_k_e_. __________

3.Snow having melted,the whole village is brimful of happy children. [翻译]最后一班公交车走了,我们只好步行回家。 _T_h__e _la_s_t_b_u__s _h_a_v_i_n_g_l_e_ft_,__w_e__h_a_d_n__o_c_h_o_i_c_e _b_u_t_t_o_w__a_lk__h_o_m__e_.
4.It is not a traditional form of English poetry,but is very
popular with English writers.
[翻译]这本杂志很受已婚妇女的喜爱。 _T__h_is__m_a_g_a_z_i_n_e_i_s_v_e_r_y_p_o_p__u_la_r__w_i_th__m_a_r_r_i_e_d_w__o_m_e_n_.____
5.Should the traveler return,this stone would utter speech.
[翻译]万一明天下雨,我们就得推迟演唱会。 _S_h_o_u_l_d_i_t_r_a_in__t_o_m_o_r_r_o_w_,__w__e_w__o_u_ld__h_a_v_e__to__p_u_t_o_f_f_t_h_e_c_o_n_c_e_r_t._

1.tease v. 取笑;招惹;戏弄 Don’t get upset,I was only teasing.别介意,我只是在开玩 笑。 搭配 tease sb.about sth.拿……取笑某人;取笑某人的…… I was teased about my weight as a child. 我小的时候别人老取笑我长得胖。

2.transform v. 转化;转换;改造;变换 His plans were transformed overnight into reality.他的计划迅 速变为现实。 Success and wealth transformed his character.成功和财富改 变了他的性格。
3.exchange n.交换;交换物;交易所 识记 in exchange作为交换in exchange for以换取…… They have offered to release the hostages,but what do they want in exchange? 他们提出可以释放人质,但他们想要什么作为交换呢?

Economic auctions will be lifted in exchange for a renewed cooperation. 经济制裁会被解除,以换取重新合作。 v.交换;兑换 搭配 exchange sth.for sth.用……交换…… The tokens can be exchanged for goods in any of our shops. 礼券可以在我们的任何一家店兑换商品。 I’ve offered to paint the kitchen in exchange for a week’s accommodation. 我提出愿意粉刷厨房,条件是让我免费住宿一周。 识记 exchange ideas/views/information交换意见、看法、信息 exchange words交谈

4.load n. 负担;负荷物 v. 装载;担负 Coping with her mother’s long illness was a heavy load to bear. 照顾她久病的母亲是个难以承受的重担。 It took an hour to load the van.把货物装进运货车花了1小时。 搭配 load...with...给……装载上……;使……负担着…… It seemed that she was loaded with worries.她好像有很多烦恼。 He went home loaded with honours.他载誉回乡。

1.in particular I noticed his eyes in particular,because they were such an unusual colour. 我尤其注意到他的眼睛,因为它们的颜色非同寻常。 Was there anything in particular that you wanted to talk about? 你有什么特别想谈的吗?
2.take it easy 轻松;不紧张;从容 Now no use getting nervous.Take it easy. 现在紧张没用,心放开一些。 Take it easy! Don’t go at it so hard!悠着点劲,别太猛了。

3.run out of 用完 He ran out of milk and bread and had to suffer hunger. 他喝完了牛奶,吃完了面包,只好忍受饥饿。 辨析 run out of是及物动词短语;而run out则是不及物动词 短语。 My patience is running out.我快没耐心了。 We had just reached the motorway when the petrol ran out. 我们刚上高速公路,汽车就没油了。 链接 run after追逐 run for竞选 run into偶然遇到 run over跑过去,碾过去 run short快用完,将耗尽

4.stay up 不睡觉,熬夜;不倒塌,不下沉 The student stayed up all night to study. 这个学生开夜车,学*了一整夜。 Some strong houses stayed up in the earthquake. 一些坚固的房屋在地震中没有倒塌。 Your life jacket will help you to stay up if you fall out of the boat. 如从船上掉下去,你的救生衣可以使你不沉入水中。 链接 stay out在外面过夜,远离 s tay away from...离开,不接*,缺席

5.let out发出;放大;泄露 When the land was seen,the sailor let out a shout of joy. 当看见陆地时,那水手发出一声欢呼。 Jack’s put on so much weight that I’ve had to let out all his trousers. 杰克长胖了许多,我不得不把他所有裤子都给放大。 He accidentally let out that he hadn’t been home for three weeks. 他无意中泄露他已经三个星期没有回家了。
6.try out试验;选拔 Jamie could hardly wait to try out his new bike. 杰米迫不及待地想试一下他那辆新自行车。 His brother’s example inspired him to try out for the football team. 他哥哥的榜样激励他去接受足球队的选拔测试。

1.By playing with the words in nursery rhymes,children learn about language.通过童谣中的文字游戏教孩子们学*语言。
【要点指南】 by doing...“通过做……”,此短语一般作方式状 语,说明方式手段等。 I did not think she would do any good by coming over. 我认为她来不会起什么作用。 She had managed to escape by running into the street in her nightgown. 她穿着睡衣跑到大街上,从而成功逃走。 He taught himself to play the violin by practising all night. 他通过整夜训练自学拉小提琴。

2.Should the traveller return,this stone would utter speech. 行人归来石应语。
【要点指南】 Should the traveller return相当于If the traveller should return。在if条件句中常可使用情态动词should,表示 真实的但又无把握的条件,should可译成“要是;万一”。 这时 还可省略if,句子改用倒装语序。 If you should see Mr.Allen,give him my regards. 要是能见到艾伦先生的话,请转达我的问候。 If you should be interested,I will send you a copy of my book. 要是你感兴趣的话,我将把我的书送给你一本。

Should I not be here when you get back,please do wait for me.你 回来时如果我不在,请务必等我。 Should it rain tomorrow,we will not go for a camp.要是明天下雨, 我们就不会野营。 Should there be a fire,walk,don’t run,to the nearest exit. 一旦着火,不要奔跑,要走到最*的安全门去。