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GR64 GSM/GPRS Radio Device

? Backwards compatible with GM47/ GM48 and GR47/GR48 Radio Devices for convenience and speed ? Powerful and fast enabling complex or time critical applications ? Minimize total solution cost by embedding application directly onto GR64 Optimized for global M2M communications, the GR64 is a Quad Band (850/900/1800/1900) GSM/GPRS Class 10 compact Radio Device. Backward compatible with the Sony Ericsson GM47/GM48 and GR47/ GR48 Radio Devices, the GR64 offers a broad range of voice and data features. Its intrinsic TCP/IP stack enables customers to make effective use of GPRS. The GR64 is configurable and possesses an extended range of input/output capabilities.

Sony Ericsson’s Universal Developer’s Kit can be used with the GR64 to simplify application development. The kit provides everything required to design and develop innovative applications and to bring them to market in record time. In line with EU RoHS Directives on the environment, the GR64 is a Lead Free design.

Expanding Wireless Possibilities

With its exceptionally powerful processor and enhanced memory, the GR64 is ideal for complex applications and time critical M2M communication solutions. It is also suitable for a wide range of telemetry applications including fleet and asset management, POS, vending, security, metering and other solutions.

GR64 GSM/GPRS Radio Device

Radio Features
? Quad Band GSM/GPRS ? GSM 850/900 Power class 4 (33dBm) ? GSM 1800/1900 Power class 1 (30dBm) ? Mobile Class B ? Extended Measurement Reporting ? Compliant with 3GPP Release 99 Protocol Stack ? Power supply: 3.2 – 4.5 VDC ? Battery charging support ? Temperature range: ? -20°C to +60°C (GSM spec) ? -30°C to +75°C (Operational) ? -40°C to +85°C (Storage temperature)

Voice Features
? Voice Telephony ? Emergency calls ? Full Rate, Enhanced Full Rate, Half Rate and Adaptive Multi-rate (FR/EFR/HR/AMR) ? Dual Tone Multi Frequency function (DTMF) Transmit ? Advanced noise suppression and echo cancellation ? Sidetone/microphone amplification ? PCM Audio

Fax Features
? Fax Group 3, Class 1 and 2

? ? ? ? ? ? ? Microphone inputs and speaker outputs 9 x General Purpose I/Os 3 x Analog to Digital Converter 1 x buzzer output SPI/I2C interface Real time clock with alarm output 2 UARTs ? Serial baud rate from 300 to 460,800 bits/s ? Auto baud ? Parity, data and stop bit programmable ? USB (2.0 Full-Speed End-Point Compliant) ? MMCX RF male ? 60 Pin system connector as on GM47/GM48 and GR47/GR48 ? Control by AT commands (GSM 27.005, 27.007 plus proprietary commands)

Embedded Applications
? Multiple UART access ? Software downloads over the air using GPRS ? ‘C’ language script interpreter ? Controller mode ? Our M2mpower software facilitates the development of cost effective wireless M2M applications

Internet Protocols
? TCP/IP protocol stack ? Extensive AT Command access to TCP/IP stack ? Multiple sockets with listening/server capability ? IPv4 protocol ? Dynamic & Static IP address allocation ? PPP protocol (PAP & CHAP) ? UDP protocol ? FTP client – File Transfer Protocol (file transfers)

Data Features
? GPRS Class 10 ? Multiple PDP contexts ? GPRS Coding Schemes CS1-CS4 ? Transparent and non-transparent CSD up to 9.6 kbps ? Modem Type; V21, V22, V23, V22bis, V26ter, V32, V34, V24 ? V42bis compression ? GSM supplementary services supported ? GSM 27.010 Multiplexing Protocol

Other Features
? ? ? ? ? SIM Application Toolkit Class 2 Fixed dialling number 1.8/3V SIM interface with SIM detection Optional SIM holder Dual SIM support

Universal Developer’s Kit
? Our Universal Developer’s Kit is available for rapid evaluation of products and applications on a limited scale

Short Message Service (SMS) Features
? ? ? ? Text and PDU Point to point (MT/MO) Cell Broadcast USSD

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Expanding Wireless Possibilities